Dashboard and system design for IoT devices.



In this project, I used a dashboard template's components to build a dashboard of IoT devices that measures temperature, humidity, VOC, and eqCO2. I demonstrated data on various graphs and charts. Users can add new sensor devices and also places that they want.

For the development of the device, I used ESP32-DevKit and Sensirion SVM30 Air Quality Sensor. I used HTTP-Post and PHP for the send data to MySQL.

This project is under development and will continue sensor board design which has an ESP32 module and SGP40 sensor. In the next steps, I will use the MQTT protocol for data transferring and Google Cloud or AWS for data storage. For the dashboard, I will create my own design with Node.Js, HTML, and CSS.

What I did

  • Concept Design
  • HTML5/CSS3
  • PHP
  • Esp32
  • Sensirion SVM30
  • MySQL

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